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Holly’s Story

I’ve never had to work very hard to stay thin; I’ve always been very lucky in that respect. Not having to do much at all has its drawbacks, however. It really didn’t hit me until the last few years in my late 20s into 30s that I needed to do more to take care of my overall health. I reached a breaking point after a potential cancer scare and being unable to get well after over a month of being sick this past fall. It was after this that I realized I needed to focus on my overall health, not just how I look, and I reached out to Kyla for guidance.

What Solution Were You Looking For?

Before I reached out to Kyla, I had somewhat of a 50/50 diet of healthy to unhealthy food intake. I’d prepare healthy food when I had the time and when I didn’t, I ate complete crap. Living in NYC and working an unpredictable schedule led me to eating worse and worse without time to make nutritious meals.

How Has Kyla Helped and How Has Her Coaching Been Valuable?

Kyla has been extremely helpful since I’ve began working with her as my coach. I talked to her about my eating habits/lifestyle and she was realistic about how I would be able to manage this. I’d obviously need to make some sacrifices and test some boundaries, but this could be manageable. She reaches out to me throughout the day when she knows I’m having a difficult time (cleanse days) and keeps me accountable on other days. I’ve worked with personal trainers before and have never had a coach who’s been so approachable and understanding while still keeping me in check.

Your Results and Potential Going Forward.

One thing I noticed after a week or so after starting Kyla’s program was how much better I was sleeping. Anyone who knows me well knows that’s not a strong point and I’ve tried everything to have a good night’s sleep. I have felt more energy and it’s been liberating to not crave Chinese food all the time (I told Kyla when I started that impulsive take out, particularly Chinese, would be a major obstacle). I’m still having a lot of food that I enjoy but way more in moderation. I admittedly haven’t been 100% while doing this — still drinking alcohol (but much less than before) and I’ve had my Chinese food/pizza nights or much needed bacon egg and cheese mornings. I think that as I get more disciplined, I’ll see more results but I’m already please with what I’ve begun to see.

So Is Kyla Good For Others?

I would absolutely recommend others to Kyla and her system. I have already recommended a good friend who has different goals and has tried her own methods but hasn’t seen results. Kyla hasn’t been like other trainers I’ve worked with who expected me to change every facet of my life. As a mother, I think she’s very sympathetic with her clients’ schedules and needs because she is in the same boat. Kyla is friendly, realistic and knows her stuff. I’m so glad I started this program with her!

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