One Mom to Another – Sophy

Sophy’s Story

Here’s my little short story: I’d had 2 babies, almost 2 years apart and was feeling fat, lethargic….pretty much, like I couldn’t get going. I started working out and eating relatively healthy, but it still wasn’t enough. I still always felt tired. Kyla Cowell and I had both our babies around the same time and I remember seeing her pics and she looked great! She had mentioned it to me before, but I didn’t think much of it at the time (mainly because I was nursing). I finally decided to ask her about it again and I committed to doing it for at least 30 days, and noticed a difference after 2 days. Once 30 days was up, I committed to another 30 days. I reached my goal after 68 days and then shed a few more lbs. I really like how it’s taken the guesswork out of meal planning and it saves me time with the 2 kids. And ,I have tons of energy, which really helped me amp up my workouts and see results. I remember Kyla saying that she had energy again since starting her program, and I just took it with a grain of salt…but she was totally right.

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