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Kristen’s Story

I initially became interested in working with Billy and Kyla over a year ago after seeing/reading their posts on social media. I was intrigued but frankly, figured the program wasn’t something that was meant for me as I considered myself fit and informed about health and exercise. I didn’t think I needed it. Over time, my workout regimen changed and my life routine did as well. Along with that- my body. I can recall one particular post of Billy and Kyla before and after their 16 week challenge along with their description of less time in the gym with better results. I was massively impressed, trusted their honesty, and emailed Billy immediately. It was time for some changes.

What Solution Were You Looking For?

My boyfriend and I had both fallen into a routine of holiday food indulgence coupled with less dedication to the gym. We needed something to spark a change and help us get back on track. To be honest, we thought this would simply be a 30-day cleanse we would buckle down on and then swiftly move on with our lives. Kyla and Billy came by my house on Sunday with their gorgeous and amusing mini-versions and went through the entire program with us. They explained each product, gave us tips, helped us sign up to the 16 week challenge, offered themselves up willingly for any and all questions along the way, then hugged us and wished us well. From that point forward, I think I’ve communicated with Kyla every few days! At first it was for questions and her check-ins and encouragement. After one week it became me thanking her for getting me to do this. We were seeing results – more importantly FEELING results and were ecstatic. Weight was coming off and we were feeling super powerful and motivated.

How Has Kyla Helped and How Has Her Coaching Been Valuable?

Kyla helped me feel proud of and motivated to successfully work the cleanse and answered my endless queries without hesitation every single time (and still does!). She is inspirational in and of herself, and a pleasure to work with on all fronts. In addition, she quickly jumps in to answer questions of others who I sent her way to discuss the program based on my own results and enthusiasm I began sharing with others. She helped me get my Aunt enrolled (two weeks into her own cleanse and 11 pounds down!) I literally couldn’t have done my cleanse without her and continued to turn to her for input and suggestions on other products.

Despite my original intent to be ‘one and done’, I (and my boyfriend) knew we found something we liked and weren’t ready to break up with! We began ordering more products before our 30 days were up so that we could continue to work them into our daily routine. Kyla helped provide recommendations on which to try and how to use them. Admittedly, she even helped me manage the order process and personally ensured I was strategically ordering the right mix for our financial benefit. She has been so essential to us on our journey!

Your Results and Potential Going Forward.

I am loving my shakes, vitamins, and various cleanse products and am feeling better than I have in months. I can also speak for my boyfriend who was far more hesitant than I was and therefore ended up being extremely pleasantly surprised at the results he enjoyed – particularly as he knew he was going to be laid up post-surgery and unable to exercise for weeks.

So Are the Cowell’s Good For Others?

I can’t thank the dynamic duo of the Cowell team enough for helping to inform, encourage, and support my (lengthy!) process to give their program a try and my continued success with it to date. I couldn’t have done it without Kyla’s partnership and highly suggest that anyone mildly curious does themselves a favor and reaches out to this hot lil mama!!

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