A Watched Tulip Never Blooms…or Something Like That..

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My husband and 3.5 year old daughter, Bella, brought me tulips home the other day. Bella and I put them in vases, watered them, and put them on the window sill to catch some rays and bloom.

And then Bella sat there

and waited
and waited
and waited
and waited...

When 10 minutes had passed and the tulips had not yet opened up, she was ready to give up on them.

Have you ever felt like this? Ready to give up on the outcome before you gave the process a chance to work?

I remember soon after having my 2nd baby going to the gym and being so frustrated because I wasn't getting the results I wanted (or so I thought).

I was stressing about the number on the scale and comparing myself to other women. I was embarrassed that my body parts jiggled and my nursing breasts were lopsided and would fill up mid workout and make things interesting (just being real here).

But you know what else I did...I got over that realz quickly.  

I stopped thinking about it so much. I stopped worrying about when I would get results, and just started focusing on the process! I followed my nutrition program, I worked out, and I enjoyed the journey.

And as a RESULT,

I got some RESULTS...and  I got me  some ABS...

8 Months Pregnant with 2nd Baby

9 Months Postpartum

16 Months Postpartum

Stop watching the scale. Stop stressing about numbers. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Your journey is your own unique and amazing journey. 

Trust the process. Trust in yourself. Put in the work. Stay focused. Be consistent. Commit to the outcome...

...and you will bloom

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