Single Digit Body Fat by Doing Less…

What is your favorite form of exercise? As a cycling instructor, I absolutely love to get paid to teach a class and ride. I actually encourage everyone to learn to teach a class and do the same, most gyms will employee you as a sub or just to teach one class.


Now what if you took a cycling class everyday or just regularly and never really saw results…?

Some of the participants in my classes have the same health and aesthetics that they did year ago or longer. Now I am not going to judge them in anyway but I know from experience that if surveyed, they would all have goals that include better aesthetics but just accept that they are not getting anywhere.

Wouldn’t you agree people in general are like this with many facets of life; school, career, relationships…. but I digress.

Now a year ago I was introduced to the concept of intermittent cleansing. Actually, I learned about it more like three years ago but then I had the same thoughts about it that you did just one sentence ago….

Dumb, stupid and Why?

Then my wife did this 16 week challenge, that I also thought was dumb because the people with the great before and after pictures were those that lost 20 or more pounds over the 16 weeks.

Until the eighth week of this contest where I linked up with my friend Lisa who had finished her contest and was awarded $1000 for an honorable mention. She didn’t lose a pound… but definitely looked better.

So I decided that was inspiring and totally kicked myself into gear for the last 8 weeks of my contest and took an after picture that was amazing. I have never been able to change my body so much in less then two months.

So what about intermittent cleansing…

I did a two day juice cleanse six of those eight weeks. It have my nutrition a circadian rhythm of sorts and it made a tremendous difference. My muscle mass improved (tested weekly with InBody) and my body fat dropped to low single digits. I actually felt great doing it, yes even on the second day. The title of this post is accurate because what I did less of was eat…

I was inspired to workout more during those eight weeks and even used time between sets of lifting to Google intermittent cleansing, John Anderson and how ketogenisis works.

One thing I learned was that when you step into something that you don’t know how it works, you may not have the time or understand the value but are going purely on other people’s testimony, you will learn the what and the how.