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Yuk! Sweat!
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As a seasoned fitness instructor I have learned that some people just do not sweat.

I got news for them:

NOT Your Biology

They just do not work hard enough and usually are the people that moan about not reaching their goals (or generally are lacking defined goals).

Yes, this is a broad stroke and I am sure that many will disagree but it comes from a lot of experience.

Sexy == Sweaty (and not always at the same time)

Even a hug (if you’re into that sort of thing) can be rewarding between two sweaty bodies…

So this is a CALL OUT POST to everyone in our 16 week challenge group that are reluctant to post sweaty selfies.

I GET IT….. and I am right there with you.

Today is day FIVE and I have only posted ONE sweaty selfie, (the day is not over yet) but I am realizing why it is so hard.

  1. You have to create the sweat, and
  2. Y

    this will be #2

    ou have to humbly post a picture after killing yourself in the gym.

Now I could not care less about the second reason, I don’t look much better sweaty or not, but working out every day and remembering to take a picture is a bit of a challenge. Now Kyla, the Queen of the Cowell Household, was excited when I posted my pic and that excitement felt good to be a part of.

So if you are in our challenge,

  • Be part of something that feels good,
  • Something that was put together purely so you could reach your goals,
  • So you could improve your health,
  • So you feel great in your skin.

I am not saying post the sweaty selfie (although that is what I am saying), I am saying, that you need to commit to this 16 week challenge and realize that

YES, there are new habits that you will need to force yourself to do,

YES, there are things that you are do not want to do.

The best part is that the more uncomfortable something makes you, the more impact it will have on you results when you implement it.

And if you are not in our challenge…. WHY NOT?


We are pairing our coaching, a contest and our nutrition system together to give the willing a chance to change their physical life and change it forever with accountability and community.

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