Signs that you are (or can be) an Entrepreneur

Billy Cowell Entrepreneur, Mompreneur


Hey Hey! This post is really a personal exploration for Kyla and I to discover what the people we are trying to work with actually look like.

Not everyone has been created to become an entrepreneur and typically they can be described as passionate, dedicated, optimistic, trend setting and against the grain. Along with these, one cannot leave out insecure and often trouble seekers. 

Signs that you are a Entrepreneur

Posted by Billy and Kyla Cowell on Monday, February 12, 2018

Below I have 15 signs or traits that may lead you to think you are entrepreneurial material. 

  1. You take action - Great ideas are many but without acting on those ideas you have nothing. An entrepreneur needs to be able create as they go.
  2. You're insecure - Sometimes being nervous and even scared that you will may fail can stir up a level of hyper focus.
  3. You're crafty - It is not about having enough resources but instead being resourceful.
  4. You're obsessed with cash flow - This really sets entrepreneurs apart from corporate America. When you work, even at a top executive level for a company you get paid for your work to move the company forward regardless of how much money the company makes short term. Whereas, an entrepreneur only gets paid when there is cash flow.
  5. You get into hot water - Entrepreneurs are more likely to ask for forgiveness then permission. So when you are in trouble, it shows you likely took a risk and are looking for opportunities to improve.
  6. You're fearless
  7. You can't sit still - Does your energy level make you stand out?
  8. You're malleable - If you have only one acceptable outcome in mind, your chances of making it our slim. If you can alter your direction in response to feedback then you are malleable.
  9. You enjoy navel gazing - Are you willing will to ask for, accept and apply feedback from others?
  10. You're motivated by challenges - Problems need to be viewed as necessary without hurdles, you cannot offer a solution
  11. You consider yourself an outsider - Entrepreneurs are not often accepted. Yes, every single product we use as humans stemmed from some inventive entrepreneurial mind. But when you tell someone you are an entrepreneur, most people will only support you if you are a millionaire.
  12. You recover quickly - Fail fast and fail often
  13. You fulfill needs - Many entrepreneurs have been created by the necessity of a need
  14. You surround yourself with advisers -  this can be books that you read, events you attend or even coaches that you hire
  15. You work and play hard - not every point here will differentiate entrepreneurs from the rest of the general population but as with anyone that strives to achieve success, they enjoy to play hard when they are not working. 
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