How to Succeed Following Your Passion of Fitness with Multiple Streams of Income with Kelli Calabrese

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Kelli Calabrese is a mother and a 31 year fitness professional all-star. She has 10 lifetimes worth of accomplishments from presenter, bestselling author to gym owner. She started by writing down that she dreamed to be an exercise physiologist at AGE 13!

We met more than 10 years ago at a conference where she was presenting in a workshop about creating passive income as a fitness professional. She is currently a personal trainer where she trains clients in her studio, she creates online programs, promotes her wellness business and coaches fitness professionals toward multiple streams of income and network marketing.

This interview illustrates how she has been able to leverage her experiences over the past 31 years to continually build on her success and inspire others in fitness to pursue their passion.

Kelli's accomplishments are very parallel to the focus of this group. Here are just A FEW:

  • Certified with ACE for 31 years
  • Clinical Exercise Psychologist 
  • Fitness Center Owner
  • International Presenter
  • Best Selling Author on Amazon - 2 books but contributed to many
  • Major Contributor / Master Trainer to Adventure Boot Camps
  • Master Training of the Impact Program
  • Online training
  • iPod programs
  • Grocery Shopping Tours
  • Founder and Mission Marketer at Beyond Organic
  • Speaker for Perform Better
  • NESTA Board of Advisors
  • Xericise - her personal fitness facilities in New Jersey in the past - 4 gyms, 9 corporate fitness centers, 1 school
  • Board of Advisers for Life Song Ministries (2017) - special needs children and adults
  • Master's at East Stroudsburg University

Kelli created this Personal Mission Statement when she was 17 years old:

To provide individuals with the tools to make health, fitness and wellness a permanent and enjoyable part of their lives.


There is a lot more information to this interview but I did my best to take out some key points below.

Which fitness accomplishments have had the most impact on your outreach today?

Owning the health clubs - that really is the "in the trenches" work where you learn to network, learn to care about people, that is where you learn to serve, learn to sell. Working up from front desk to club manager was how my career started.

Wait, you mentioned, "front desk?" Where did this all start?

As soon as I got my license, I went to the local health club and got a job at the front desk. It was very important because when I was 13 years old, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be an exercise therapist.

What advice would you offer someone that admires what you have accomplished and wants to follow in your footsteps?

  1. There is no set path. Anything is possible. It is unfortunate that most fitness professionals, even with 4 year degrees are not very entrepreneurial
  2. I hate that someone is still trading all of their time for money and they only have one stream of income. 
  3. You always need to be evaluating, what I am doing that is working and what am I doing that is not working.
  4. If your only stream of income is trading time for money, YOU NEED TO FIND SOMETHING ELSE, HONESTLY. 
  5. Even some of the top trainers in the country that charge $200, there is only so much time to go around. 
  6. You cannot trade time for money unless you want to have a very simple life and you do not want to play big. 
  7. You are not designed to play small, if you want to do something big, you need to be bold. 
  8. A lot of trainers will go one-on-one to groups, some trainers hire other trainers, others connect with someone to invest and start their own gym and there are other options if that is what you love.
  9. If you want to be in the top, if you want to have the most influence or the most impact, you need to have something else. It could be complementary to what you do in fitness, health, wellness, nutrition or it could be something else that aligns with you. 
  10. Keep your options open. It amazes me that when we go to talk to someone, they immediately say NO. Before you shoot something down, get the details.  Nothing will frustrate you more than that person that asked you to look at an opportunity is making a strong income and you never even gave the idea a moment of thought.

Do you have a mentor?

  1. Kyle Wilson - Jim Rohn's business partner, loves people - he has a free give-a-way, 52 lessons
  2. Sean Murphy - trainer to network marketers
  3. Kevin Weaver - his book is called "Re-Orient"

Can you name a couple of the flows of income that you have?

  1. Writing a book, a small book. It can be a little book but it becomes your business card. For instance a "Boot Camp Drill Book"
  2. Having a product
  3. She hired a LinkedIn coach and she likes his example of three 30 minute lessons about a particular skill
  4. Network Marketing - introduced 7 years ago by a personal trainer and before doing this she had never bought or sold any type of product. She speaks strongly to become connected to a Network Marketing company.

What would you say to someone who’s struggling and questioning whether or not to keep going forward with his or her business or entrepreneurial pursuit?

Finding someone that is exploding and follow what they do. Duplicate someone else's success.

Has your fitness journey from one business to another been guided by you or guided by fate?

Nature vs Nurture - Nobody in my family came from a fitness background but I came from a family of hard workers. We do things to move away from pain and toward pleasure and my pain was poor health effects within my family.

None of this has been handed to you, you built all of this?

During the holidays when fitness business is slow, I went to every party I was invited to attend with the intention to meet new people and I did meet some amazing people. One of which I am doing a TV show with in the upcoming months.

Do you have a blog? email marketing?

I have not been great with keeping up with my blog but I have been using LinkedIn as well as being consistent with Facebook lives.

Is there one book you’d recommend people read that’s inspired you personally?

  1. "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferris - (click for amazon link)
  2. "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson
  3. "The 10X Rule" by Grant Cardone
  4. "Ripple Marketing" by David Skultety
  5. "The One Thing That Changed Everything" by Kyle Wilson
  6. "High Performance Habits" by Brendon Burchard

What is the best way to get ahold of you and what business could you see yourself partnering with new people the most in the future?

What I have been doing for the last 7 years with Network Marketing and Isagenix is a natural extension of sharing wellness and creating residual income.

Final Notes?

  1. Tony Robbins has 400 streams of income so I can have 4 or 5.
  2. I am a member of Lifetime Fitness (the local gym) they mostly have 4 year degrees but they get burned out so they do not stick around.  Their heart is to be a trainer but they are unable to make it and that is not the way it has to be or the way it should be. 
  3. Ultimately for me, it is all about love. "Relentlessly contending for the highest possible good in every situation until it is a reality."
  4. Cut out the junk, Netflix, video games, whatever noise that is not serving you.

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