From Full Time Personal Trainer to Network Marketer with Angela Campbell

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Words of wisdom from fitness professional, mother and network marketer - Angela Campbell.

She has created multiple streams of income in her life and managed to even excel and build them during the same month as having a child. Baby Colten here is less than 1 month in this world.

She is 8 years into her fitness business and has taken a common more traditional approach in coupling personal training with group exercise. Her financial and time freedom breakthrough came when she added network marketing to her toolbox.

Angela's Camp Gladiator Boot Camp in Fort Worth, TX


There is a lot more information to this interview but I did my best to take out some key points below.

How did you get started in fitness?

It has always been my passion. I started with friends in the gym that just asked me for help and that segued into a personal training role and began in a big box gym. Although at some point, I was getting burned out and I met someone from that space that gave me an "out" to work in the corporate world which I did for two years.

That corporate position just led me to realize that I was not made for a desk job and that my purpose was to get back into fitness.

What got you started in Network Marketing?

When I wanted to get back into fitness and get out of the corporate world. I got into Network Marketing doing health and wellness and it really helped me realize that I was able to help people and this gave me the ability to make enough financial resources to no longer work in corporate.

I teach 5 hours per week in fitness and the rest of my time is being at home being mommy and working my Network Marketing business.

What did it take for you to get started in your Network Marketing business? Financially?

It was a couple hundred bucks and I was given this option just after discovering what financial commitment was going to be in order to create our own fitness facility with was a HUGE financial commitment with a lot of debt.

The small investment needed to start a network marketing was the best decision I could have made to create my own business and time freedom was a priceless choice to make.

Is there any reason someone would not succeed in Network Marketing?

If they give up to easily. It takes some effort and is not "an over-night success." It will require you consistently reaching out to people that you may not want to. The tools to succeed are available to everyone, you just have to show up and use them.

What advice would you offer someone that admire what you have accomplished and wants to follow in your footsteps?

One thing that is important is that promoting a health and wellness product and building a network marketing business has helped my fitness business visa-versa.

Take your time and do your research. If you decide to go towards a network marketing business, think twice about signing up with someone because your friend did or anything else other that really knowing what you are getting into.

Do you have a mentor(s)?

John and Nadya Melton
Julie Burke
Alison Schlicht
Ray Higdon

Is there one book you’d recommend people read that’s inspired you personally?

  1. "Three Feet from Gold" by Sharon Lechter (click for link to amazon)
  2. "Freakishly Effective Social Media for NM" by Ray Higdon

Do you have a blog? email marketing?

Yes, I have recently had my blog redone. I like to add one thing at a time and build from there. This has helped our fitness business as well as our network marketing business.

What is the best way to get a hold of you and what business could you see yourself partnering with new people the most in the future?

Network marketing would be my first because someone can get started no matter where they are in their life and what their other sources of income are, whether a full-time job or whatever.

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